The highest ski resorts in Italy

Which are the highest ski resorts? It is useful to know to choose where to ski at the beginning or in the end of the season, or to have more chances to find a good snow covering. The greenery in the mountains is different, over 2200/2300 m you don’t find any more wood and this may result in a low visibility in case of low clouds. There are different landscapes, and maybe  at high altitudes they are more fascinating. Generally, the highest slopes are located in the western and central Alps, while in the east the ski resorts are located at lower altitudes.

In the list below, you will find many ski resorts with slopes over 3000 m of altitude. On the Alps there aren’t slopes over 4000 m of altitude.

The highest Italian ski resorts – Where to ski over 3000 metres


3450 m – Cervinia (Aosta Valley)

The highest Italian ski resort is Cervinia, with the village at 2050 m and the ski lifts going up to 3450 m, on Plateau Rosà, from where you can go further up, crossing the Swiss frontier. The high altitude made it particularly suitable for skiing at the beginning and in the end of season, when most of the other ski areas have only green fields.

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3400 m – Stelvio Pass (Lombardy)

This ski resort, between Lombardy and South Tyrol, offers the highest lowest altitude in Italy. The Stelvio’s slopes starts from the pass, over 2700 m, to go up over 3400 m of altitude, and in winter the ski lifts are closed because the road to reach the cable car is closed for snow. In summer, the glacier offers the only chance to ski in Italy.

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3275 m – Gressoney La Trinité (Aosta Valley)

After the rebuilding of the cable car taking to Punta Indren in Aosta Valley, Gressoney, in the Monterosa ski area, increased its drop, with ski lifts taking up to almost 3300 m of altitude, where you will find free ride routes. Before the Indren cable car was rebuilt, there was a project – that sadly was left behind – to made the ski lifts reach Cresta Rossa, at 3600 m.

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3265 m – Marmolada – Malga Ciapela (Veneto)

Marmolada-Malga Ciapela is the highest ski resort in Veneto, thanks to the cable car going up to Punta Rocca, where you will find the very long La Bellunese slope, partly on the spectacular Marmolada glacier.

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3258 m – Schnalstal (South Tyrol)

Schnalstal (Val Senales) is the highest ski resort in South Tyrol, a bit higher than the neighbouring Sulden. The glacier offers a very long ski season, from October to June.

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3250 m – Sulden (South Tyrol)

Here in Solda all’Ortles you can ski from november to may thanks to the slopes between 2600 and 3250 m, over the two branches of the cable car.

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3016 m – Tonale Presena (Lombardy/Trentino)

Presena glacier offers spring skiing a little over 3000 m and, from there, a very long downhill towards Tonale Pass or Ponte di Legno.

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