Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley

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Discover where to ski in Aosta Valley. Here, the ski resorts offer 740 Km of slopes and 163 ski lifts for alpine skiing and snowboarding. This region distinguishes itself for the high altitude of its slopes, surrounded by peaks over 4000 m, from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa in the east. There are two international ski areas connecting La Thuile with the French La Rosiere, and Cervinia with the Swiss Zermatt. There are also some wonderful ski mountaineering routes and cross-country skiing trails. Arrange your favourite Aosta Valley ski areas by your favorite parameter choosing among: kilometres of slopes, ski lifts, ski pass prices or users’ rates. Ski pass prices are meant for a daily, full price ski pass for an adult during high season. They take no account of any possible reduction for skier type or season.


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4 facilities
16 km of tracks
31.00--€ Skipass
Antagnod is among the most typical places in Monterosa ski area; as a hamlet of the nearby...
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Breuil Cervinia

19 facilities
154 km of tracks
57,00--€ Skipass
Breuil Cervinia ski resort is among the biggest and more extraordinary resorts in Italy: its...
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3 facilities
17 km of tracks
31.00 --€ Skipass
As a well-renowned town for Nordic skiing, Brusson hosts first-level international games. In...
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6 facilities
14 km of tracks
30.00 --€ Skipass
On a wonderful plateau, at 1815 meters, in front of Matterhorn, here lays Chamois. It’s a...
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10 facilities
28 km of tracks
60.00-50.00 prezzo dinamico--€ Skipass
At the end of Ayas Valley, if you climb up following Evançon creek, you will find Champoluc,...
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4 facilities
9 km of tracks
33.00 --€ Skipass
Cogne is a ski resort laying in front of the wonderful glaciers of Grivola and Gran Paradiso....
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24 facilities
100 km of tracks
61.00 --€ Skipass
Courmayeur is among the most known ski resorts, being one of the first to become popular for...
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Gressoney Saint Jean

3 facilities
12 km of tracks
31,00 --€ Skipass
In Gressoney Saint Jean, it is quite impossible to not remain stunned by local architecture...
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11 facilities
34 km of tracks
50,00-60,00 prezzo dinamico--€ Skipass
Gressoney-La-Trinité lays at the foot of Monte Rosa, in Lys valley, at 1637 m. It’s known...
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La Thuile

37 facilities
160 km of tracks
51.00--€ Skipass
La Thuile is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Aosta Valley and in Italy. Thanks to the...
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Monterosa Ski

43 facilities
180 km of tracks
dinamico€ Skipass
A mountain chain that runs for twenty-five kilometres at around 4000 meters of altitude…...
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16 facilities
71 km of tracks
50.00 - -€ Skipass
Pila is a famous ski resort overlooking Aosta. It is simple to reach, and its success is due...
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6 facilities
23 km of tracks
36.50 --€ Skipass
Torgnon is an ancient village at 1500 meters of altitude in Valtournenche. Skiers can enjoy 23...
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64 facilities
314 km of tracks
40.50 --€ Skipass
Valtournenche is a village lying at 1500 m of altitude in the homonymous valley. Its history...
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