Best ski resort for freeride

Alagna Valsesia

It is known by its slogan Free Ride Paradise. In the past it was the goal of many foreign skiers who used to go up to Punta Idren with the old ropeway and then go down to La Valsesia by one of the most famous alpine off-piste routes.Nowadays the ropeway has been rebuilt on the side of Aosta Valley and starts from Passp dei Salati. The arrival station has been slightly relocated further west.From there, you can start with numbers of ungroomed trails where the height difference can reach to 1500 meters.

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It is one of the most popular destinations for freeriders. Above Plan Checrouit there are two ropeways:La Youla and L’Arp.Both of them can bring you to the vast areas of off-piste skiing.In particular, with the second ropeway L’Arp, it goes up to 2700 meters high where you can start your adventure on an ungroomed trail.And from there you can go down either to Dolonne (1200 m) or to La Balma in Valley Piccolo San Bernardo.In contrast, the ropeway of Mont blanc offers descents exclusively with arva, probe and shovel and of course also the panoramas of incomparable beauty along the way.And by following the difficult trail of Toula, It is possible to ski to Chamonix through la Vallée Blanche or to Italy. In a word, Courmayeur provides a long list of highly appreciated off-piste slopes.

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Lorenzo Belfrond


The ski resort in  Aosta Valley has always been a great choice for freeriders since its off-piste are linked with those in Alagna. Over time, a ski track was officially established under Col d’Olen and since then, the two stations were truly connected.As a part of the restructuring of Alagna, Gressoney has seized the opportunity to renew the ropeway Indren on its side. Now the new funifor is only used for off-piste slopes of rare length and charm.

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Although no particular routes for freeriders in the lower part of this area are found, in the upper part there are many famous ungroomed trails.Under the ropeway of Groppera, the ungroomed track called Canalone is the only way back from Val di Lei(photo). Whoever wants to find something less popular  and more technical can give Camosci variant a try.

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