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Skiing in - Friuli

If you want to ski in Friuli ski areas, you can choose among six ski resorts, i.e. Piancavallo, Forni di Sopra, Sauris, Ravascletto-Zoncolan, Tarvisio, and Sella Nevea-Bovec, which extend themselves in the most eastern area of Italian Alps, just before the Austrian frontier. More than 57 ski lifts for 72 slopes and 13 ski school areas for beginners. You will find 134 Km of slopes for alpine skiing (counting the Slovene side of Bovec) and 122 Km of slopes for cross-country skiing. Arrange your favourite Friuli ski areas by parameters like kilometres of slopes, ski lifts, ski pass prices or users’ rates. Ski pass prices are meant for a daily, full price ski pass for an adult during high season. They take no account of any possible reduction for skier type or season.


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Ravascletto – Monte Zoncolan

13 facilities
22 km of tracks
39.50 --€ Skipass
Ravascletto is one of the most important skiing resort in Friuli, only 33 Km away from Udine...
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Sella Nevea

10 facilities
17 km of tracks
39.50 --€ Skipass
Sella Nevea, in Chiusaforte municipality, is located in the basin between Monte Canin and Jôf...
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15 facilities
25 km of tracks
39.50--€ Skipass
Tarvisio is the most known skiing resort in Friuli Eastern Alps. In the middle of Val Canale,...
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